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The idea behind the concept is to provide accurate data in the form of comprehensive information relevant to the challenges faced during performing the main tasks in the field of agriculture and also in order to be able to sustain Malaysia’s agricultural industry’s growth.

The system will be able to fulfill information requests from a vast array of users, ranging from a newbie in Agriculture till farmers and the top level executives like managers and others related to the field. Agriculture being the major income generator for Malaysia this system contributes to the improvements and wealth creation in the agriculture industry.

The Expert system will be fulfilling the information requests of the agriculture community and users in the form of expertise information and advices to mainly four area:
1. What to Plant
2. Where to Plant
3. How to increase yield
4. How to increase profits
5. GIS Based Analysis on Crops

Agro Intellect System

Agro Intellect System is web based plantation management system. With years of research and development (R&D) put into the system, it is a pioneer first fully integrated system to cater for the oil palm plantation. Apart from this, the system is also stable enough to support similar palm oil industry and different plantation especially COCOA, RUBBER, JATI, SUGAR-CAN and MANGO and several varieties of vegetables Plantation Industry Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa and South America market. With our system in place, Plantation Company will be able to manage the plantations more efficiently. This would contribute to lower cost of production, high return on investments, instance analysis and inspection.

Main Modules:
1. Accounting
2. Estimate
3. Checkroll (Field/General Worker & Harvester & Piece Rated)
4. Store Management
5. Vehicle Management
6. Fixed Asset
7. Cash flow System
8. Factory/MILL Management
9. Weigh Bridge
10. Production
11. MILL Maintenance
12. Master Settings
13. Management reporting
14. Management Information Systems (MIS)
15. Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
16. Sensors

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