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Claim Management System


Handling all types of claim, this proposed claim management system empowers your employee and department heads to self- manage claim application and approval flow anywhere anytime through internet browser.

The objective of Claim Management System (CMS) is to develop and redesign the existing claim management portal to support and provide more facilities for users of organization.

Proposed system saves time and eliminates paper work, reduce administrative cost, and increase department productivity. No more messy forms!

In line with the current trends, the system will integrate with Signature system to capture the signature of the employees when the claims is processed.

    The purposes of the proposed additional modules are:

    • Help the users by providing a better user experience.
    • Efficiently manage the claims and the approval process.
    • Produce reports as and when required.

CMS Features

Master Data Management

This module will manage all the reference data or master data management to run the application smoothly .And this module information’s will not changed quiet frequently. Below are the main sub modules under this master data management.

  • Manage the details of organization.
  • Add new branches under one organization.
  • Manage the departments inside different branches and organization.
  • Manage the categories of claims provided by the company.
  • Manage large complex claims easily, by breaking them into smaller components. Helping you to remain organized and make sure your staff is focused and productive.
  • Manage the employee details of the entire organization.
  • Manage how the approval of the claims and expenses done inside the organization.
  • Manage the monthly budget allocation for different department and companies.
  • Manage the different levels inside the organization.
  • Manage the access rights of each module.
Transactional Module

This module will contains all the transaction information .And this module will be used very frequently by users. Users can only able to see the modules by their levels and access rights set by administrator. Below are main sub modules under this module.

  • Set up, manage and track claims from the first contact through to last payment.
  • Complete history of claim steps, actions and events.
  • Users able to upload supporting documents such as images/Microsoft document files.
  • Integrated with signature device whereby it will capture the signature for every transaction.
  • Allow the accountant to print and provide receipts for claims accordingly.

This module contains all the reports provided inside the system.

  • Claim Summary
  • Summary of Available Balance
  • Employee Details
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