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Data Migration in KUALA LUMPUR

We at EBSM has built expertise of many years converting hundreds of applications and databases between Oracle,SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, MySQL, Informix, Access. We do it fast, reliable, and low cost – and the most important thing is that the risk of your migration project is considerably reduced – relying on the team that designed migration tools, techniques,trained customers and partners, and lives and breathes cross-platform database systems ensures successful delivery of your migration project.

Our data migration automates and restructures data migration practices with a combination of technology, methodology, and services. This solution is comprised of comprehensive, exposed, and unified data integration technology to enable data migration to meet your business needs for different type of industries. It includes our proven data migration methodology based on best practices, as well as end-to-end data migration services assistances.

A database migration can be a complicated and exhausting process, especially as the size and number of databases that need to be moved grows. We know that every piece of data is important, and we won't risk losing a single bit. With our Managed Migration Services, let EBSM take the task of your database migration off your hands. Each of our support technicians is well-experienced in database migrations, and will provide the focus and attention to detail that your data requires.

Data Migration

Data Migration Services Kuala EBSM Lumpur

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