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Farm Management System

Farm Management System

Farm Management System (FMS) is system to manage a farming activities, farm workers and the resources. It's also will helps farmers to manage risks and opportunities arising from the farming activity and identify the areas of operation that need improvement. Farmer can assign revenue and expenses to a cost center and generate reports to display the progress or financial success for a particular farm, field, block, and crop.

FMS can help farmers to demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements and maintain certification to range of market standards and assurance schemes.

FMS Features

FMS design to helps farmers to:

  • Define Address Hierarchy (Country, State and City)
  • Flexibility to Setup Various Types Of Cultivation, Holiday, Claim And Payment
  • Setup Designation for Employee
  • Setup Claim and Payment Details
  • Setup The Item, UOM and Category Information
  • Setup Leave for Each Employee
  • Manage Employee
  • Employee Leave Request
  • Claim Details
  • Activity Details
  • Payroll details
Farm / Crop / Harvesting
  • Manage and Plan Farm, Block and Field
  • Manage Inventory
  • Expenses Details
  • Manage and Plan Crop in Farm
  • Record Harvesting Activities and Quantity
Supplier / Stock
  • Manage Supplier
  • Manage Stock
  • Stock Location Details
  • Transfer Stock between Stock Locations
  • Flexibility to Setup Various Types of Vehicle, License and Maintenance
  • Manage vehicle and driver
  • Keep Record Fuel Log Information
  • Keep Track the Issue Log in Vehicle
  • Manage And Keep Record Vehicle Maintenance
  • Task Details
Contract Management
  • Manage and Plan Contract
  • Manage contractor
  • Contract Payment Details
  • Generate report
  • Search Data
  • Print report

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