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Green IT Services in KUALA LUMPUR

We will offer Green IT Solutions and services related to strategy and assessment, planning, and implementation. This includes formulating an overall approach to green IT including ROI modeling and quick win roadmaps, implementing specific solutions for virtualization, consolidation, data center design and architecture, and non-IT solutions such as power and cooling management.

We plan to simplify the paper-intensive processes associated with business documents, ensuring lower TCO and enabling a greener tomorrow. Our company will provide comprehensive paperless office solution that gives users the power to efficiently and cost-effectively manage all paper and electronic documents. Our proposed Document Management Intelligence (DMI) is an imaging, document management, records management, archival and storage infrastructure, all packed into one streamlined service

Software solution that serves the following business goals of an environment and socially responsible enterprise:
• Managing GHG risks and identifying reduction opportunities
• Public reporting and participation in voluntary GHG programs
• Participating in mandatory reporting programs
• Participating in GHG markets

Our Green IT Services

  • Paperless Office Solutions
  • Document Management Services
  • Green Performance Management Solutions
  • Green Services on various platforms

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