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Green-IT Solutions :- A Sustainable Solutions with Green IT

“To become eco-friendly and be responsible for environment for sustainable growth & development”

We at EBSM have closely followed Green IT trends and with all the research we have turned in to an in depth knowledge to be implemented in real world we have in store the best Green Road Maps to fulfill our client’s green wish list. We are known as Green Empirics in Green IT industry and we provide green products, services and solutions make sure that their journey is affordable, easy and a fun filled one with guaranteed sustenance and ROIs.

Green Empirics delivers IT driven sustainability services and solutions to its client with a very comprehensive road map which is easy to be implemented and a fully thought strategy. As an initiative towards reducing GHG (Green House Gases) emission contributing to the eco friendly development, we consult the client and try to find out the amount of current GHG emission and then offer a suitable road map for reducing it.

Green IT Mirroring

Green IT Mirroring

Like it’s always said a good building needs a very strong base or a foundation. So at EBSM Green IT implementation process starts by making a strong foundation first. The Green Mirror is the first stage of our planning. This phase is meant for first creating an in-depth Mirror or copy of current business processes, operations, consumtions of natural resources like water, energy, paper. Then the current position is evaluated and the improvements needed are estimated.

Often is the case with multinational companies or the growing ones that they continuously want to spread their business by mergers, acquisitions, opening new campuses, increasing the branches all over the world. In an attempt to do this they gather huge amounts of IT systems, assets.So for these kind of enterprises which are spread globally interacting and agreeing with all the stakeholders while starting to take action can sound as a fussy job.

EBSM’s Green IT Mirror strategy uses extensive and innovative tools which are automatic in getting all the required information on energy usage and waste production. Here inventory is taken as the starting zone which goes on to all the other departments. The system helps in coordinating all the stakeholders from different parts of the worlds to define common objectives, priority wise for short term and long term Greening pans.

Green IT Road Map


Like the name suggests, it is a complete Road Map of all the steps and phases to be taken while Greening your organisation.The Green IT Mirror first gives the current positioning and evaluation, then a detailed plan is laid out with all the actions to be taken further. The feasibility analysis, project challenges, expenses and time line is made clear in this phase.

The Roadmap uses the raw data to make the detailed reports where all the information regarding current practices and future needs in terms of savings, time period for executing the system, expenses and challenges which will be faced are crystal clearly laid out. This information can be used by the enterprise to priorities the work since the benefits in high and low levels are given.

Thus here it is known that what amount of time will be taken for the whole Greening process of your organization which helps the management realize and start working towards taking the decisions and implementing the short term plans besides chalking down the long term initiatives ahead.

It gives a clear cut idea as to where is what and what is to be done when.

Green IT 360 Degree


The Green IT 360 Degree Plan is a fully customized process where all the IT operations of an organization are optimized to be sustainable completely. Beginning with Green IT Mirror going to Green IT Roadmap this plan sets standards for energy conservation and consumption. It also sets protocols for the material used and the waste where all the software /equipments come under strict and accurate evaluation period.

This particular process involves working close with all the employees and people across the organization. The Green IT 360 Degree plan caters to all the needs of what it takes for an enterprise to become fully Green compliant. In this program all the tasks related to sustainability are assessed in detail manner and a solid weekly plan is laid out for action. The first year of the sustainability program involves carrying out all the project management services according to the Green protocols for your enterprise.

Companies often find it difficult at first to begin with the new practice when trying to become a Green organization. The change management is a critical task at this point of time so as to accomplish the modifications to the existing business practices systematic. The staffing, funding everything becomes new and different.

This is where we at EBSM come to hold your hand and make you walk along the new road to a better future. With experienced staffs who are experts in Sustainable IT and henceforth Green IT we thrive to help your organization get acquainted and execute the Green IT program in just the right manner. The 360 Degree plan assists you in carrying out the Greening process very systematically step by step from process of measurement/evaluation, Planning/Execution till reassessment.

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