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In today’s dynamic and challenging business landscape, organizations are under intense pressure to improve their performance – both top and bottom line. While innovation and strategic vision drive the top line, the ability to execute to perfection using analytical information from past performances helps improve the bottom line.

Infionic One is a web-based, mobile-enabled enterprise-wide suite that caters to all functions within an organization. It transforms an organization into a technology and data driven organization that promotes and enables decision making process driven by facts and figures. Infionic One promotes collaborative work environment and supports globalization by bringing together skillsets across geographically diverse teams.

Infionic One comprises of four integrated modules that enables seamless data flow and knowledge sharing within an organization.


Infionic One Features

360o Customer Management

Our CRM+ module delivers a 360o view of the customer resulting in increased revenue. Not only do the sales people have an insight into the selling process, but they also have an insight into the fulfilling / execution process.

Manage Innovation Process

PPM module enables organization to move from standard project management to program management. This ensures that all functions (R&D, Regulatory, Commercial etc.) are on the same platform resulting in better coordination & faster time-to-market

Quality Management

Our validated quality management module helps both QA and QC to ensure that highest quality standards are maintained. Functionality rich features enables users to manage SOPs, Deviations, Change Requests, OoS etc. A comprehensive audit trail is maintained.

Product Costing Model

While our ERP module provides all the core features like procurement, inventory management, manufacturing & financials, the main goal is to get the ultimate metric – cost of producing a product. Our unique costing model combines the easily available costs (Material, Direct labor etc.) with difficult to get costs (utilities, solvent recovery, ETP etc.) to give you an accurate cost of goods produced

Contract Manufacturing

CRM tools stop at purchase orders and most Project Management tools do not cover CRM. Infionic One has an ability to do both in a seamless manner there by providing a comprehensive solution for contract manufacturing companies. They will be able to track an opportunity all the way from the initial estimation to commercialization. It not only ensures calculation of accurate profifit margin but also helps in managing costs through better visibility into the process

State-of-the-Art Reporting

Infionic One enables users to generate state-of-the-art reports including tables, charts and graphs. Centralized data storage, as well as the logical data structure, optimizes the reporting capabilities providing additional dimensions to slice and dice the data.

These reports cover the whole gamut of functions thereby providing comprehensive reports across all three major types:

  • Operational
  • Performance
  • Financial

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