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Parking Calculator

The Parking Calculator (PC) is a software program is used to calculate the parking fee based on the length of stay in car parks.

The PC will ensure that if all system fails, the collection of parking fee is not disrupted. It is meant to serve as contingency and to provide continuous operation in the event that severe system malfunction occurs and when the automated ticketing system is at halt.

With the PC, the adverse effect of system failures will be significantly reduced. Manual collection of parking fees is made much simpler as compared to situation without it. The PC is being installed and used while repair works is being initiated on damaged devices.

Method of Usage:

The PC is used when visitor parking equipment and autopay machines or related components are not in operation or has failed to operate. In such situation, tickets shall be issued manually at the car park entrances. Upon exiting the ticket shall be presented to the parking attendant and the parking fee is calculated using the PC.

PC Functions:

Parking Charges Calculator Program
  • Calculate the fee for visiting parkers according to Parking Management System tariff.
  • Provide historical records of collection data.
  • Parameters driven calculating tool for Tariff Options:
  • a) Grace Period (e.g. 15 mins non chargeable duration)
    b) Rate for 1st hour
    c) Rate for subsequent hour
    d) Non-Peak Hours –Evening Flat Rate – Start time and End Time
    e) Weekends flat rate
    f) Public Holiday flat rate
  • The FC shall calculate the parking fee based on the:
  • a) time and date of entry
    b) Time and date of exit
  • Multiple-day stay.
  • Maintenance of Public Holiday Dates.
  • Printing of parking receipt shall show:
  • a) Entry date and time
    b) Exit date and time
    c) Total Fee Amount
Tariffs (Configurable)
  • From 8.00am to 5.00pm
  • After 5.00pm to next morning 8.00am
  • Special daily flat rate
  • Weekend rate
  • Public holiday rate
  • 6) Less than grace period - FOC
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