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Parking Management System

Parking Management System

The present day metropolitan areas have seen a burgeoning growth in human population as well as vehicles. This directly results in the requirement of parking lots.

Parking Management System (PMS) is parking management applications including the prevention of unauthorised parking and the enforcement of parking time limits, as well as providing full parking fee management and payment systems.

PMS Features


This module holds the global setting of the system. All parameters and statutory tables are incorporated in this module.

Access Tag
  • Register New Access Tag Card
  • Issuance of Access Card to Customer

This module holds the carpark setting. All parameter related with the carpark like zone, level and bay set in this module. Others setup hold in this module are:

  • Rate Type
  • Carpark Facility
  • Request Information

User Management
  • Creation of User Profiles
  • Define Access to Certain Personnel
  • View the Summary of Both Login and Logout Activity
  • Notes to Remind User
  • Send Reminder and Announcement via Email
  • View All User Activity Logs in the System
  • SAP Integration for View Data
  • Manage Message
  • Configure Customer Information Record
  • Maintains Records of Requests
  • Tracking of Customer’s Status
  • Creation of Group Account
  • Assign Relevant Members to Respective Groups
  • Assign Carpark for Every Group Account
  • Clamping Record
  • Collection Transaction Record Information
  • Group Collection Transaction Record Information
  • Allocating Coupon Tickets
  • Review List of Outstanding Payment
  • View the Summary of Transaction
  • Carpark, Customer, Group Account and Company Summary
  • Account Open Listing
  • Cashier Collection
  • Earn Collection Report
  • Error Correction Report
  • End of Day Report
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