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Plantation Estate Management System

Advanced Management System

Plantation Estate Management System (PEMS) is an integrated plantation management system, highly customizable, which caters for the Estate/Mill operational and management needs. The system provides end-to-end solution for capturing and managing the daily operation. The systems have extensive built in control and the modules are well integrated.

The system was developed with the valuable information from plantation advisors, estate managers, supervisors and chief clerks in various estates and with our previous experience. Each estate / plantation industry will be able to derive better revenue with cost effectiveness in the business process by applying PEMS. Using PEMS, the estate/mill operation can be managed efficiently and effectively.

    Benefits / Architecture / Sample view on Report

    • Monitors budget and actual expenses.
    • System validates cross charging and unauthorized account code usage in modules.
    • System controls the modules month end closing flow.
    • Validates and monitor for unapproved/unprocessed report printing/preview,
    • Decision Support System to gauge the yield, consumption & expenditure to maximizing crop output productions.
    • System support Multi-crop environment and Multilingual(English, Bahasa Malayu, Bahasa Indonesia).
    • Alerts the Manager or CCs when the expenses greater than budget.
    • Extensive built in control and business rules validation, thus prevent invalid data entry.
    • Workflow process available. E.g. internally controlling the cost and pricing for approval.
    • Checkroll is complying with the MAPA guideline. Payment methods for Checkroll are configurable.
    • Checkroll processing and salary calculation will be ready within 1 minute.
    • Able to track the store/inventory accurately.
    • Able to track vehicle/machinery operational expenses, maintenance and usage accurately.
    • Report are customizable.
    • Efficient Data consolidation to HQ from all Estate/Mill using normal E-Mail attachment.
    • Support handheld device for data capture and alert.
    • Information notification via wireless, email, SMS (optional) and other alerts for speedier.
    • Modules are integrated and data from one module will flow to other modules seamlessly.
    • Customizable solution according to customer needs.

PEMS Features

Master Setting

This module holds the global setting of the system. All calculation parameters and statutory tables are incorporated in this module. The estate & mill details and security information is defined in this module.

Financial Accounting

This module is to keep track of daily transaction such as General journal, general payment & general receivable, transaction such as petty cash transaction and bank voucher transaction comprise in this module.

Able to export the final estate/mill data to flat file which shall manually be imported in HQ for final account processing. And able to achieve database mirroring from estate/mill or CENTRAL database to HQ DB, provided if high bandwidth connection exists with public IP for finial accounts processing.


This module is to compute wages for labor/staffs working in Estate & Mill, to keep track of the daily harvesting cum Field & general activities and Piece rate calculation and pay based on rate setup. Having provision to calculate wages based on standards set by Client.

Allow to set different job as piece rate activity by field/block/stations for F&G worker, able to keep track of piece rate work completion and track payment and due details periodically.

Inventory/Store Management

This module is to keep track of day to day receipts and consumption of inventories. Able to keep track of pending receivables based on IPR/PO. Comprise of non-inventory items transaction such as service details.

  • Keep track and inform detail of inventory stocks, such as purchased, transferred, return, issued, and available quantity & value.
  • Facility such as Partial receivable and pending receivables of inventory items.
  • Stock price by average price calculation based on last purchase approval or month-end average calculation.
  • Stock Aging analysis
  • Issue tracking to field & staff.
Vehicle Management

This module is to capture the workshop running cost, vehicle running cost and distribute the cost to Field, block, mill station and by different activities.

  • Derive workshop and vehicle cost from other modules such as Checkroll, Store and accounts to compute the workshop and vehicle running cost effectively.
  • Captures Vehicle usage by field/block, Station and allow distributing the running to different activity immediately.
  • Computed workshop and vehicle cost is distributed to Accounting module for final accounts processing.
Weighbridge (Mill)

This module is to capture and keep track of Incoming and Outgoing of Internal & outsider’s Estate and Mill Product in kilograms. It also keeps track of contractors and contract limitation of Mill product deliverables. Weights are captured automatically from weighbridge device with manual weight adjustment feature.

Having featured to manually enter weight detail based on user authorization for capturing nonproduct detail of MILL. This module is linked to the Production module to automatically update the incoming and outgoing daily production. Is used to measure the performance of individual estate (Internal and external) in production by Field/block too and able to produce crop statement for estates for their tonnage information.

Production (Mill)

This module is to calculate the daily Production of CPO/PKO for the day in mill and Kernel crushing plant (KCP) by tracking the Transferred Quantity, dispatch quantity, and keep track of daily FFB Received , FFB or KERNEL consumed for CPO or PKO production respectively, and carry forward of FFB or KERNEL to next day production.

This module also used for tracking daily shift and the production throughput for the day and keep the information for periodic reporting on production of CPO/PKO, dispatch etc. by month to date and year to date. Production module produce daily production reports of each end product and also produces graphical reports on OER, KER, Throughput etc based on Client’s mill requirements.


This module is to budgeting activity such as Material, Labor, Vehicle/Transportation and budgeting Production of end product for both Estate & Mill for next financial year. It also allows budgeting of all type expenditure for both Estate & mill. Having features for revising the current financial year budget based on Client’s needs. Has Feature for Estate & Mill to raise pink slip (PS) as a demand/request for additional budget in case of any natural disaster or unforeseen expenses for the current financial year compare the early budgeting.

Budget module is integrated with Accounts and Production module in order to produce budget versus actual expenses or budget versus actual production for the month and year so the management /HQ would able to keep track of operational performance in both Estate & mill and for further decision etc.

Management Report

This module produces reports for Estate/Mill & CENTRAL for analyzing operational activities by Field, Block and station, vehicle level and to take effective decision. This reporting module is based on Client’s requirements.

  • Summary report, with drill down feature to review details until Field, Block, stations, sub-station, and vehicle extra.
  • Year of planting, Estate & Mill level reports.
  • Activity based comparison reports etc.
Accounts Payable

This module is used for payment to suppliers and contractors. Invoices, Debit Note, Credit note, partial payment are captured. System keeps track of partial payment and effective payment tracking. Produce Ageing list, creditor ledgers for every creditor. All transaction is automatically updated into Financial accounting module.


To manage nursery activities from pre nursery, main nursery, and delivery of plants until charges to be distributed to estates. Required detail requirement on Accounting treatment and charging method. Nursery activities shall be defined in Chart of account for capturing nursery expenses.


All contract work should setup in this module for the contractor registered in Accounts payable/contract module. This module is to capture the daily contract work progressing against the contract work setup. All contract related expenses utilized from other module such as Store, Vehicle/transportation Checkroll & Accounts will be derived into contract module in order to produce the balance payment against the contract work completion.

This module also can capture the yield statement by contractors and keep track by the contractors Field/block and these total yield output in crop statement periodically.

Mill Maintenance

This module is used to program and maintain all the machineries in Station and sub-stations. Machinery register in Production module shall be scheduled here for periodic maintenance program; following this the system will automatically alert for appropriate maintenance and keep track of maintenance details completed.

Fixed Asset

Estate & Mill’s asset information are registered in this module. Depreciation calculated automatically and update accounts module. Asset transferred IN/OUT between Estate/mill and Purchase and Disposal detail are captured in this module.

Consolidated Data

All Estate & Mill data until Accounts module transaction & ledger are consolidated to CENTRAL & HQ for producing consolidated reports at various levels as per Client requirements provided the data entered and available. Various consolidated/summary reports shall be produced by achieving this data consolidation.

Decision Support System (DSS)

This module is to produce various analytical reports and information based on the estate & mill operation to justify the performance, this module is functional based on the consolidation/mirroring of data from estate & mill modules to CENTRAL /HQ. Minimum 6 months of data should be consolidated and should available in HQ Server in order for this module to function effectively.

This module supports the HQ management with executive decision making. Any Estate/Mill is accessible by the HQ and reporting can be produced using the consolidated data based on Client’s requirements.

  • Group level Summary report of any estates with drill down provision to review data from Field, Block until module wise transactionn
  • Comparison of yield, revenue expenditure such as Upkeep & cultivation, Re-planting, new-planting expenditure, general expense etc. between any estate and mills for any year or month.
  • Activity based comparison reports
  • Graphical reports and data reports for east management decision.
  • Yield map analysis reports with related data popup on performance justification.
Accounts Receivable

This module is used for all receipts from customer and contractors. All Invoices, Debit Note, Credit note, partial Receipts are captured. System keeps track of partial receipts and effective receipts tracking. Produce Ageing list, Debtors ledgers for every Debtors. All transaction is automatically updated into Financial accounting module.

Centralized Stock Control

This module caters to control stock movement among estates & mills. This centralized stock control shall be available in CENTRAL/HQ in order to control the Estates/Mill Purchase Request by monitoring stock consumption and transfer goods among estate in case of emergency.

Client able to control centralized purchasing of items such as Fertilizers, Fuels and any high consumption items required for Estate/Mill using bidding feature.

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