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EBSM,Research and development services perform original investigation to gain new knowledge (research) and/or apply research findings to create or improve products and processes (development) by looking at the current process. They are used in every discipline and every industry to improve production processes, observation and recording methods, and to provide insight into new strategies for problem-solving. We provide reliable, quality, and value added services to focus on your core business needs so that you are assured that a dedicated R&D team is working for you.

R&D Services

Software Outsourcing EBSM Kuala Lumpur

R&D Project Exampls

  • Stress testing & performance optimization
  • We help companies to do stress testing and performance optimization to improve there current business process.

  • Technology Migration and Platform porting
  • We keep track of the most optimal and reliable ways to migrate systems to a variety of platforms, keeping an eye on development, TOC and maintainability concerns

  • Prototyping Development
  • We work with clients to deliver powerful, insightful prototype systems that will help clients chart further course – in a matter of days or weeks. It is often difficult to know upfront whether a certain system will perform in a new environment or if a new solution will be a hit with the end-users.

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