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UNIO is a first learning operating system in the world that designed for device classroom and online learning. UNIO introduces the concept of an operating system for learning that acts as a unifying platform.

UNIO offers and delivers on Collaboration, Coaching & Management needs Management Coaching Collaboration Live, Versatile whiteboard Hub of pedagogical tools Ingenious learning management system Tablet-first product First-ever totally live LMS Superior Administrative Control Plan Assess Teach Share.

UNIO Features

User and Course Administration
  • Creation of Profiles
  • User Registration
  • Define Course Heirarchy
  • Mapping Users to Course Heirarchy
  • Define Lesson Plan
  • Define Lesson Schedule
Content Creation / Management
  • Tools to Create Content
  • Create umlimited whiteboard pages of unlimited size
  • Page Sorter
  • Teacher Specific My Folder
  • Content Embedding
  • Content Embedding from Internet
  • Integration of Digital Books
Classroom Management
  • Whiteboarding
  • Drilldown
  • Broadcast
  • Lock and Blank Screen
  • Make Presenter
  • Teacher and Student Annotation
  • Multi-layer Annotation
  • Quiz Live and Lofflive Assessment
  • Quiz Data Documented
  • Assignments Data Documented
  • Assignments
Social Learning
  • Group Work
  • Graded Discussion Board
  • Chat
  • Post Content on the Social Platforms
Video-Audio Conferencing
  • High-fidelty webRTC Technology
  • Audio Remotely
  • Share Screen
  • Record Lesson
Flipped Learning
  • Record Flipped Session
  • Tag Flipped Session with Meta Data
  • Playback Record
  • Publish Flipped Session
Reporting and Analytics
  • Attendance Register
  • Teacher Activities
  • Automated Gradebooks
  • Management Automated Email

Innovation for Bringing Alive

UNIO introduces Live, Versatile, Collaborative white-boarding Collaboration: Products

Pedagogical Tools

Plaza of pedagogical tools gets the teacher back in the centre of learning: Products

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