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Way2halal :- Halal Information/Knowledge Portal


The concept behind having this information /knowledge portal is to educate people worldwide about a 100% Halal life style, what involves, how it can be done and what will be the benefits from all the angles healthwise,costwise,eco-friendly manner.

The idea is to give the whole world , information, knowledge, access to Halal information, products and services from buying Halal products till trade details its just a click away and for very affordable costs, great accuracy and quickly.

Now people don’t need to worry about any issues, may it be where can I find certified and valid Halal products (from food till fashion and more) one can clear it right away by the information on Halal industry the Halal information website. It may be one needs to know where can they find a Halal restaurant when on a holiday or when migrate to a different country, the location is here on the portal. No worries finding mosque in the nearest vicinity, we do it for themselves.

Know what is happening in Halal industry around the world in terms of research, development, advancements, achievements, news, events and more through this knowledge hub.

People who are a new bee to Halal industry and still want to invest and make their own Halal business but they don’t know where to begin exactly and how. They can just log on to this Halal information portal and get to know the ways of doing Halal trade ,find investors, suppliers and just everything needed to start Halal Business.

Even the Halal ports across the Globe!

One don’t just reads the information and sits but it can also be executed with the services provided along with the information, connect to the investors,suppliers,port authorities and start working things out. Thus this is a very happening information portal. The information will be updated easily and frequently to stay updated.

From setting up a Halal business, getting investors, connecting to suppliers who are all Halal certified one can manage to begin doing a lot of things related to Halal Life Style and Business on this portal.

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