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What EBSM Does: transforming your business

EBSM is amongst the most sought after and trustable global IT services, BPO and Product Engineering companies. In addition to the IT business, EBSM also is looking for a global leadership position in niche market segments of consumer products and lighting solutions.

EBSM is a company which can be the best partner for organizations aiming at transforming the world of IT solutions because of its core efficiencies and capabilities, man power, commitment to quality and the global infrastructure to deliver a wide array of technology and business consulting solutions and services, any time and every time. EBSM enables business results by being a catalyzing the technological advancements on a continual basis. It offers highly customized and integrated selection of services to its clients in the areas of Consulting, System Integration and Outsourcing for key-industry verticals.


“Making Businesses a cake walk and then making them bigger”

Our mission statement is as simple as it can be read but is very thought of and planned process to make any kind of business an easy affair. The company will provide integrated software solutions for businesses ranging from small to medium to large in numerous fields .The mission is to make businesses easy by enabling them with not just latest but the most suitable and highly customized software solutions to the clients.

So the main mission is to meet, research, analyze and decide the best suitable plan for the client’s business needs. The solutions will upgrade the processes as well leverage the business by making it more manageable.


Primary objectives and management philosophy that constantly drives us to exceed our visions.

• To be recognised as the leader in technological innovations
• To continue our pursuit for technological breakthroughs based on the concept of Research Innovation & Development which encompasses all the industry based solutions our USP is “Everything for every one “.This is for all the industrial/vertical markets.
• To maintain our leader position in the minds of technology users.

• To strengthen our continual effort and long-term commitment to environmental conservation

By keeping our customers in front, our fundamental objective is to create true value for our customers. We intend to achieve this through the continuous redefinition and reinforcement of our product portfolio,designs,services and solutions by being cost-effective ,100 % customized and by excellence par perfection.Creaivity and challenge will be the number one priority with our corporate culture.

This should support our global aim to increase revenue and profit, whilst contributing to society.

Our corporate goal is to focus on providing business solutions which will be developed using the latest tools, technologies in software technologies which will be supplied to work with leading database systems.

The company will dedicate its efforts to provide solutions to meet the challenges of doing business in today’s competitive environment in vast types of industries and business verticals. The company will specialize in professional, technical consultancy, project management, system integrations, system development, training and application support.

Our People

Innovation and EBSM go hand-in-hand as far as technology and process advancement is concerned. Established in late 2010,we area already on our way of becoming a leading IT solution provider with a goal of leveraging Malaysian IT industry as whole at the world level.We are a Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) recognized software company.

The strict protocol that our expert team follows all through the projects for any and every client is to adhere to three crucial elements Research,Develop and InnovateWe don’t go by the book.Along with street smartness and steadfastness ,we follow our USP in whatever we do which ultimately not just satisfies our customers but delights it.