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Parking Management System

The present day metropolitan areas have seen a burgeoning growth in human population as well as vehicles. This directly results in the requirement of parking lots.

Parking Management System (PMS) is parking management applications including the prevention of unauthorised parking and the enforcement of parking time limits, as well as providing full parking fee management and payment systems. more info..


Claim Management System

Handling all types of claim, this proposed claim management system empowers your employee and department heads to self- manage claim application and approval flow anywhere anytime through internet browser.

The objective of Claim Management System (CMS) is to develop and redesign the existing claim management portal to support and provide more facilities for users of organization. more info..



UNIO is a first learning operating system in the world that designed for device classroom and online learning. UNIO introduces the concept of an operating system for learning that acts as a unifying platform.

UNIO offers and delivers on Collaboration, Coaching & Management needs Management Coaching Collaboration Live, Versatile whiteboard Hub of pedagogical tools Ingenious learning management system Tablet-first product First-ever totally live LMS Superior Administrative Control Plan Assess Teach Share. more info..


Simplify 360

Simplify360 is a social media management application for Social Business Analytics and Multichannel Engagement. The product has been validated for stability and scalability with significant use by global clients.

It enables organizations to effectively implement social media concepts in to cores business functions. Powered by Simplify360 Analytics, it extends a sophisticated and user-friendly environment to realize value via actionable intelligence. more info..


Formulation Management System

more info..


Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is software to improve sales conversions, extend marketing reach, and build lasting customer relationships.

Supported by a vibrant community of tens of thousands of businesses, hundreds of thousands of users, and countless developers and partners that help shape its direction, it's no wonder that today CRM is considered the most powerful open source CRM solution available, having seen more than 3 million downloads to date. more info..


Parking Calculator

The Parking Calculator (PC) is a software program is used to calculate the parking fee based on the length of stay in car parks.

The PC will ensure that if all system fails, the collection of parking fee is not disrupted. It is meant to serve as contingency and to provide continuous operation in the event that severe system malfunction occurs and when the automated ticketing system is at halt. more info..


Plantation Estate Management System

Plantation Estate Management System (PEMS) is an integrated plantation management system, highly customizable, which caters for the Estate/Mill operational and management needs. The system provides end-to-end solution for capturing and managing the daily operation. The systems have extensive built in control and the modules are well integrated.

The system was developed with the valuable information from plantation advisors, estate managers, supervisors and chief clerks in various estates and with our previous experience. Each estate / plantation industry will be able to derive better revenue with cost effectiveness in the business process by applying PEMS. Using PEMS, the estate/mill operation can be managed efficiently and effectively. more info..


Advanced Management System

Handling all types of advanced, this proposed advanced management system empowers your employee and department heads to self- manage advanced application and approval flow anywhere anytime through internet browser.

The objective of Advanced Management System (AMS) is to develop and redesign the existing advanced management portal to support and provide more facilities for users of organization. more info..


Smart Cash

Smart Cash is Toronto’s one stop shop for all money transaction needs. Smart Cash provide honest and reliable serbices for all financial need such as World Wide Money Transfer, Cheque Cashing, Currency Exchange and Gold Loan at exceptionally low rates.

Smart Cash provide solution to all financial needs under one roof. You can send money to your loved ones and business while you are at work or home through online and interact e-transfer services at competitive rates. Smart Cash comprehensive suite of service enables to transfer money around the world or meet individual or business cash flow needs. more info..


Farm Management System

Farm Management System (FMS) is system to manage a farming activities, farm workers and the resources. It's also will helps farmers to manage risks and opportunities arising from the farming activity and identify the areas of operation that need improvement.

Farmer can assign revenue and expenses to a cost center and generate reports to display the progress or financial success for a particular farm, field, block, and crop. more info..


Computerized Maintenance Management Software

Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) is a Software system for the Plant Engineering and Maintenance departments for any Manufacturing Industry. Having evolved over the past 10 years through user feedback, CMMS has an installation base of over 50 Installations in India and Europe. Our emphasis is on efficiency and hence we have a planned approach in Implementation so that you can Go-Live within 3 weeks. more info..


Facility Booking System

Facility Booking System (FBS) is an online scheduling system that sits at the heart of sports and fitness businesses around the world. It is a platform for attracting new customers, managing existing ones and taking bookings online 24 hours a day.

FBS lets you easily manage your space. Whether you are a sports venue, dance studio, school or any other 'space-sharer', let FBS simplify your life! Managing your venue can be a hassle but it doesn't have to be. more info..


Facility Booking System

In today’s dynamic and challenging business landscape, organizations are under intense pressure to improve their performance – both top and bottom line. While innovation and strategic vision drive the top line, the ability to execute to perfection using analytical information from past performances helps improve the bottom line.

Infionic One is a web-based, mobile-enabled enterprise-wide suite that caters to all functions within an organization. It transforms an organization into a technology and data driven organization that promotes and enables decision making process driven by facts and figures. Infionic One promotes collaborative work environment and supports globalization by bringing together skillsets across geographically diverse teams.

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